So Close to Plunking Down $1000

If you’ve read this blog for any time you know that I am extremely frugal. I absolutely hate to spend money on anything extravagant and I often think and rethink big purchases at least two or three times before actually pulling the trigger.

Although I am thrifty 99% of the time, I do spend big bucks every one in awhile. After all, being frugal 360+ days a year allows me to splurge on big tickets every so often.

This morning I jumped online and searched for a next-day flight to Atlanta. The cheapest pair that matched the time frame my husband and I required would’ve cost over $1000. I left the search page open and went off to start the day.

So why did I need a last minute flight to Atlanta? Was it for a wedding, a funeral? No, neither one, I was hoping to catch a flight to Georgia to watch the championship game of the ACC tournament.

I am a huge Maryland fan and I would have happily plunked down $1000 for the opportunity to watch them win a championship. I know it seems pretty strange for someone so frugal to drop so much money on something so frivolous, but hey, behind saving for freedom and stability, you have to save to live a little.

Unfortunately the Terps failed to beat Duke in the semi-final game, so I didn’t need to spend the money on plane tickets, but if the Terps had won I definitely would’ve booked the first two tickets to Atlanta.

4 thoughts on “So Close to Plunking Down $1000”

  1. Good for you! It’s your money, and you should be allowed to spend it (if you have it) for what’s important to you.

    Who cares if others don’t understand? Lots of people don’t get why my husband loves Magic the Gathering, which can easily become an expensive hobby. But it gives him hours of entertainment and is really his last bastion of spending on himself.

    We all have something we love that’s costly. I think the really brave thing — in the PF world, anyway — is to own up to it without being defiant, defensive or embarrassed.

    I’m sorry to hear your team lost. But I suppose it gives you something to watch for next year, right?

  2. We Save To Live. that’s a good motto, don’t you think? what’s money good for, after all? what’s your life good for, for that matter?! you’ve found what’s worthwhile to you, and that’s awesome.

  3. Fear the turtle!!! This is why we save, so we can do the things that mean something to us. I’m safe, though. UK sucks this year!


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