Some Things I Struggle to Resist

Some people collect knick-knacks, some people collect antiques, I seem to collect bathing suits. There’s something so enticing about their bright colors and summery designs. When I head to the department store in search of an item I inevitably walk past the swimsuit racks and try at least one or two on.

More often than not they don’t actually fit, but every once in awhile I hit the jackpot and find a brand on sale that fits like a glove. This afternoon I found three suits that I just couldn’t resist. In a normal department store they would’ve cost $125. I bought each today for just $29.99.

I spend a large part of the spring, summer and early fall in our North Carolina swimming pool. Nothing makes me happier than spending the day under an umbrella on our pool deck writing, reading and blogging. I alternate reading and swimming and spend at least a few weeks each summer floating and bobbing around with my mom.

I knew I didn’t need to buy all three suits today, but two of my suits from last year are in near shambles. I now have five suits to start the 2010 summer season. I know it’s more than I need, but I struggled to resist them.

4 thoughts on “Some Things I Struggle to Resist”

  1. mine is winter outerwear: winter jackets and rainjackets and ski jackets and hoodies and sweatshirts…ah. I can't resist cozy outerwear!! Never mind that I haven't lived in a place where it gets colder than 45 F in 10 years…we all have our vices, and I adore each and every one of my jackets for different reasons. šŸ™‚

    Sounds like you got some great deals there!

  2. I have no business wearing a bathing suit being the size that I am but I have to agree it is the closest legal thing to being in the all together in nature that I can imagine. I even wear mine in the garden sometimes. I have a small blow up pool and love sitting in it when the weather is nice and thinking my $50 pool (which is going to be used for the third season this year) is just as good as someone's fancy in ground pool for a fraction of the cost…that is why I am The Frugal Fraulein

  3. If you're actually going to get a lot of use out of them, then it's not so bad. I, for one, avoid situations that require bathing suits at all costs. šŸ˜‰

    My struggle is with clothes in general. I often wish I could be one of those minimalist types who owns maybe a dozen "investment" pieces and who can dress them up and down with all sorts of cool accessories.

    I'm not. Sigh…

  4. @sense – I can never quite find coats that fit. If I did I think I'd have a collection too.

    @frugal canner – I think a blow up pool is just as good as any other. Our house came with an in ground pool and now I can't imagine life without it.

    @stella – I wish I had a more disciplined wardrobe too. The trouble is that I'm hard to fit, so I tend to wind up with a hodge-podge of stuff that works, but doesn't always work together.


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