That Little Thing I Can’t Live Without

Most of us have something in our lives we feel we can’t live without. Some women can’t live without makeup or a closet full of shoes. My grandmother, as strange as it sounds, can’t live without her earrings. Of course, we all know we CAN live without these things, but many of these items make us feel more attractive and/or provide us with greater confidence.

Over the past 365 days I’ve discovered my own ‘can’t live without’ product. It’s not fancy or expensive. It’s not decadent or intriguing. These days my can’t live without product is facial cleansing towelettes. You know those moist little cloths that you can use to clean your face. I am a fanatic about washing my face, brushing my teeth and on most occasions flossing my teeth before heading to sleep.

It’s something ingrained in me from my mother. I never went to bed as a child without doing this and as an adult I find it extremely difficult to slip under the covers without these three steps.

When my son was born, just over a year ago, I was often so exhausted that I hated the very idea of dragging myself to the bathroom to scrub my face. Unfortunately, since I couldn’t seem to fall asleep without feeling that silky smooth clean skin I would force myself into the bathroom hating every single second of it.

That is until I discovered those wonderful, moist, little towelettes that help you feel clean even when there is no water or soap in sight. I purchased a collective buying coupon for Yes to Carrots a few months back and recently ordered a whole box of towelettes so I never have to worry about being too tired to wash my face again.

These won’t replace a good-old washcloth and soap on most occasions, but on those nights when I want to feel clean, but also feel exhausted, I think these magic cloths will do the trick.

Is there something in your life you feel you can’t live without? Do you have a nightly beauty routine and do you ever skip it?

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