The Day of Returns

Tomorrow I plan to return a handful of items to six separate stores. Of course, the stores are geographically spread across the map, which means I’ll need to stop by at least two separate malls and three stand-alone stores.

The trick is to return as many items as possible without getting lost in the madness of after Christmas sales. I didn’t get everything on my Santa wish list, but I surely don’t need to buy a bunch of stuff just because it’s marked down 70%.

The question is do I have the guts to get in and out without scanning the shelves for bargains? I’m not so sure. The one saving grace is that I’ll have my hands full with returns, so that will leave little space to pick up anything new.

Of course, strategically I need to return the heaviest items first, so by the time I’m finished with the last item, my hands will be light and free.

Hopefully the mall won’t be packed with people and the lines will be short and quick. I spent today watching movies and reading books and I’d really prefer to get out of the mall and back to my warm house as soon as possible tomorrow.

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