The Ever Growing To Do List

My to-do list is perpetually growing. Somehow I keep looking at the list but making little to no progress with it. It’s not that I don’t try to get things done, it’s just that the universe is not cooperating. I called a bunch of places for baby related things like child care, but nothing could be nailed down since every place I called has a long wait list. I think the universe is telling me to quit work and stay home, but that’s a topic for another day.

I tried to start the baby registry but I’m really overwhelmed by the number of choices out there. I’m not looking to add a lot of things to the list, but it’s difficult to wade through the reviews and compare the products for safety. How do I decide which baby carrier and crib to choose?

I also need to find someone to help my husband and I create a will. I did call a few places in search of life insurance quotes. My husband currently has a 20 year term policy that we created just three years ago, but now that we have a little one on the way I’d like to increase the amount of insurance and possibly the term. I really should have thought about that when we applied for the initial policy, but again that’s a topic for another day.

I found out that my OB only delivers at one hospital in our area, so I’d really like to take a tour of the facility and see how it looks. There are a ton of hospitals in the Washington, DC area, but I’d hate to switch doctors just so I can deliver elsewhere.

That’s just the start of the list, but as you can see I want to get the big decisions checked off first. Of course, being One Frugal Girl, the ones that impact our finances are the most pressing for me, the rest will follow suit.

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