Too Many Unexpected Purchases

Going into and out of the mall a number of times this week did a wonder on my wallet. It started out innocently enough with a trip to the Apple store to fix the fan in my MacBook Pro. Unfortunately, it took the Apple folks a few hours to run diagnostics on my computer, which left me walking aimlessly through the mall for two and a half hours.

After eating a very unhealthy $6 meal in the food court I decided to venture into a couple of stores. I walked in and out of most stores, but the lure of Crate and Barrel was too tempting to ignore. I proceeded inside and plunked down $19.95 for a set of glass bowls, $14.95 for a hand blown candle holder and another $5.95 for the turquoise marbles displayed inside of it.

Luckily the Apple folks called to let me know the diagnostics were complete. Had they not called I probably would’ve made at least one other purchase. Interestingly enough I didn’t have to pay a penny out of pocket for my Crate and Barrel purchases. Before I left for the mall I went digging through my old gift card stash and found a gift card left over from our wedding. (I’ve been married for nearly five years now!)

The Apple rep suggested that I send my Mac for repairs, which would’ve cost over $300. An in store repair cost $108 so I opted for the second option. I took my Macbook Pro home and waited for the parts to arrive. A few days later Apple called to let me know my fan was in stock. So I went back to the mall to drop it off.

Of course, with all of this shopping under my skin I decided to stop off first at DSW. I wanted to buy a new pair of Adidas flip flops for myself along with a pair for my husband. Of course, I decided to poke around the rest of the store and came home with two additional pairs I certainly didn’t intend to purchase. That little side venture cost me a little over $100.

After returning home a day or so later with my newly fixed and very quiet laptop I found that our Internet had completely quit on us. So I headed out the very next morning for a new cable modem. Total cost $79.99 plus tax.

The cost of the cable modem and laptop couldn’t have been avoided. Well, not unless I stopped blogging and diddling on the Internet. I might even convince myself that the Crate and Barrel purchases are simply a delayed wedding present, but spending over $100 in shoes is really quite ridiculous. Especially when I came home and looked at all of the shoes in my closet that I almost never wear.

While digging around the closet I decided to take stock of my clothes. I weeded through my drawers and rearranged my closet so that I can clearly see every article of clothing that I own. With my laptop fixed and the Internet working I don’t see the need to venture to a mall any time in the near future, but if I do end up there I want a visual image to remind me that I have plenty of ‘x’ and ‘y’ hanging in my closet at home.

5 thoughts on “Too Many Unexpected Purchases”

  1. Sometimes I pinch and save for so long that there comes a point where I spend with reckless abandon! $100 in shoes is not so bad if you make the shoes last a long time and don't buy any more. Then it evens out. Everyone needs to let loose every once in a while!

  2. That's exactly why I have to avoid the mall at all costs. The lure of the shoes and the clothes is too much!

  3. I'm going to be out picking up a few gifts and other miscellaneous items this week – hoping I can resist the urge to shop for myself (or the girls!) and overspend.

  4. @hustler — I completely agree with letting loose every once in awhile I just wish I'd spent the money on something more exciting than new shoes šŸ™‚

    @Debt Dieter — Actually I am considering returning at least one pair of shoes.


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