Up and Running with WordPress

From what I can tell my transition from Blogger to WordPress has been pretty smooth. It looks like ten posts didn’t transfer, though I have absolutely no idea which ten. My comments didn’t all transfer either. The total seems to be off by one hundred or so.

I started writing this blog via Blogger in May of 2006. Since that time I’ve posted 1079 times and received 3711 comments! Now that I’ve taken the time to move to WordPress I have no idea why I didn’t accomplish the task sooner. It took me less than two hours to move everything and get redirects up and running. That’s two hours of actual time, which in ‘new-mom’ time took place over the course of ten hours when the baby napped.

While I’m happy to have everything up and running under my new domain I’m kind of sad that the sitemeter stats for my old blog are frozen in time. Something about that just seems so final.

I plan to make additional changes to the layout and design of this blog, but it does feel good to have it hosted on my own domain.

If you notice any issues or errors while reading and/or clicking around please let me know and if you link to my blog feel free to update those links to my new URL.

6 thoughts on “Up and Running with WordPress”

  1. Wait, is THIS the wordpress version? It looked different yesterday, I like it! And I see onefrugalgirl.com…no blogspot! If this is your site, I like it!!!!! (I’m a computer dummy sometimes!). I’d like to try this too….I need to really devote more time to my site as well…I may have to try this!


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