Friends Don’t Let Friends Feel Embarrassed About Frugality

It’s funny how people who spend a lot of money are always so happy to show off their fancy cars and big houses, but those of us who choose to a live a more modest lifestyle rarely discuss our money saving habits among friends.

Over the years a few closet couponers have opened up about their penny pinching habits and I’ve found that once the topic leaks out in conversation there is usually at least one or two other quiet frugalites hanging out in the crowd.

In fact when the topic of frugality and saving money comes up in conversation someone is bound to confess their little money saving secret. To avoid spending money one friend keeps a photo of her dream vacation home in her purse and another admits to keeping a fully stocked coupon binder in the side pocket of his car door. Others email me whenever they come across a deal on the Internet that might help me save money and in return I do the same.

In the past I would’ve felt awkward about pulling out a coupon after enjoying a nice meal out with a friend. Now I don’t think anything of it. In fact, I think most of my good friends expect to see one.

I wasn’t exactly sure where a friend and I were going to meet for dinner last week, but I grabbed a tiny wallet I keep at home that’s full of restaurant gift cards. While some of the cards were received as gifts others were purchased at great discount from places like eBay or Plastic Jungle. Sure enough I had a card for the place my friend chose to dine. When I reached inside my wallet and said, “wait I have a gift card.” She responded, “of course you do.”

The truth is that my good friends and I always split the bill so if I bring a coupon to the table we all save money and these days who isn’t happy to see that bill shrink a little?

I’m proud of all that I’ve been able to accomplish in my first 34 years on this earth. I’m happy that my friends understand my desire to save and commend my frugality rather than being embarrassed by it.

3 thoughts on “Friends Don’t Let Friends Feel Embarrassed About Frugality”

  1. I find it strange that people would find you strange for trying to save money. Unless of course your last name is Rockefeller or Dupont. Silly to spend money if it isn’t necessary.

  2. My friends have come to expect me to be in the know about affordable Happy Hours and always have a Groupon handy. I guess I’ve earned that reputation. I know one friend really appreciates it as she usually benefits from my efforts as well. Still another friend acts awkward – not quite sure what the difference is, but I like to save money regardless.


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