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Wasting Time Diddling on the Internet

Somehow I’ve managed to waste the last hour diddling around on the Internet. It all started innocently enough when I came across a photograph that reminded me of my good friend Jenevieve from high school. After a few clicks on the grand ‘ole Internet I came across a series of blogs written by Jenevieve’s husband.

It just so happens that my old friend will be induced tomorrow for the birth of her first child. Congratulations Jenevieve!

The Internet is a miraculous and magical thing. To celebrate the good news I’m posting a photo of Jenevieve that I took in high school. After quitting her job at the local Shoney’s she dumped a bucket of salad dressing on her head and asked me to take pictures. Oh those were the days.

One Frugal Girl

Tuesday 30th of September 2008

elizabeth -- following the photo shoot we washed jenevieve down with a hose. unfortunately, i don't think there was enough time for the salad dressing to nourish her scalp :-)

The Frugal One

Sunday 28th of September 2008

Well, I also am wasting time diddling on the Internet. I've been looking up blogs that are also focused on "Frugal Living" and happened upon yours.

Good reading! Would love like minded Frugal Folks to guest post on my blog if interested. Zany tips on saving money, etc. welcomed.


Sunday 28th of September 2008

I have read that mayonnaise makes a great conditioner; did the salad dressing work just as well?!