What Can I Do With an Unwanted Bridesmaid Dress?

A bright pink bridesmaid dress has been sitting in the back of my closet since April of 2006. It’s never been worn. I purchased it for a wedding that never took place. I’ve tried to get rid of it on a number of occasions. I shipped it to a place called Glamour Closet in California, which used to pay 50% for any bridesmaid dress that sold. Unfortunately, shortly after the dress arrived, the store owner changed her business model, and within a month the dress was shipped right back to me.

Years ago I tried to sell it on eBay. When it failed to sell I planned on giving it away at a prom fair, but somehow I kept missing the dates. Every time I clean out my closet I stare at this dress and wonder how I can make good use of it, but somehow after all of the other clutter and unwanted items are discarded that poor bridesmaid dress remains. I have the best intentions to give it away and then somehow I never actually get rid of it.

Lately rather than getting rid of it, I’ve been thinking about making something out of it. I’ve moved it out of the closet and onto my dining room table where I’ll be forced to do something with it. My two-year-old niece loves to play dress up. I think I might be able to make some fancy little skirts or tutus out of it.

If anyone has any ideas of what to do with an unwanted bridesmaid dress please leave me a comment. I either need to make something out of this dress or finally get rid of it.

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