What Does it Mean to Dream About Throwing Up?

Vomiting is an unpleasant event, and when we throw up, we are in great distress and feel uncomfortable. But most of us feel better after we throw up. So while vomiting dreams may be distressing, they can also signify a turn-around in your life. A change that will make things better for you.

What do dreams about vomiting indicate?

Dream about Throwing Up

Dreaming of vomiting is a sign that you want to purge unwanted thoughts or feelings from your mind. Something is disturbing you, and you want to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Vomiting is a form of release. Your body forces you to purge what’s inside your stomach just as you want to eradicate the ideas swirling in your head.

Vomiting can also indicate a desire to feel better about a past situation that haunts you: you bring back the past to revisit it and figure out how to change your current trajectory.

It can also signify a readiness to release feelings of pain and anger. That it’s okay to cry, feel upset, or remove the feelings of guilt or disappointment from a previous event.

Vomiting dreams can represent issues in your work or relationships. Vomiting dreams typically indicate a severe difficulty in your life and the desire to overcome something distressing you.

As odd as it seems when you dream about vomiting, you dream of removing toxic elements from your life. You can make space for success and happiness when you purge the negative.

Dreaming of Seeing Someone Throw Up

When you dream about seeing someone throw up, you are concerned about their health and welfare. Vomiting dreams can signify the need to reach out to a lost loved one or make room in your schedule for friends and family.

Dream of Cleaning Up Throw Up

Vomiting dreams can signify the need to erase thoughts that previously plagued you. When you get rid of the pains in your belly, you get rid of the struggles in your life. Throwing up allows you to open space in your stomach, and these dreams can represent creating space for a brighter future. When you clean up the vomit, you erase the negative from your worldview.

Dreams of Feeling Like You Need to Throw Up

If you dream of feeling nauseous or needing to vomit, you are attempting to free yourself from an idea or mental block that is holding you back. Rather than purging the problem, as you would if you vomited, you are holding on to a false belief and struggling to let go of it.

Throwing up in a dream can also signify that you don’t feel like you can stand up for what you believe in or are having trouble expressing your true self. You are holding back the feelings that you want to let out.

Vomiting dreams may indicate a need to get rid of something that is bad for you. Are you in a destructive relationship? Do feelings of worry or anxiety weigh you down? 

Vomiting may signify a need to release negative relationships and search for supportive friends or lovers who can help care for you.

Dream about Throwing Up Blood

If you dream about vomiting blood, you should visit a doctor for an annual physical to ensure that you are in good health. Vomiting dreams can indicate a fear of being unwell or a nagging suspicion that your body is failing you. It never hurts to investigate a dream about vomiting by visiting a healthcare professional. 

Dream About Throwing Up Objects

As odd as it sounds, some of us dream about throwing up objects rather than the contents of last night’s dinner. If you dream of throwing up objects, you must interpret your vision based on the object. 

Throwing up coins or paper money can signify a fear of success or a shady business deal. Throwing up toys may be a sign that you long for the playfulness of childhood. 

Dreaming about a Child Throwing Up

What if you dream of a child vomiting? These dreams can indicate the need to help someone. Perhaps you don’t feel fulfilled by your profession or believe you can do more to support others in need. Caring for the child in your dream could signify the desire to reconnect with a loved one or spend more time with someone with those you love.

Dream of Holding Back Vomit

If you dream of holding back vomit, you may be fearful or afraid of something in real life. You want to build up your courage, but something is holding you back and preventing you from acting on your desires. Throwing up in a dream can signify a need to focus on expressing yourself and being courageous when life feels unsteady or uncertain.

If you dream about vomiting, ask yourself what is holding you back or what negative influences need to be deleted from your life. 

Vomiting dreams can represent the need to express yourself and share your true feelings with others.

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