What Does it Mean to Dream of Drawing?

The other night I dreamt of sitting on the grass at my alma mater, drawing pictures of people that passed by. Over the years, I’ve dreamt about drawing multiple times, but I’ve never dug into the meanings behind those dreams until today.

Dream About Drawing

What do dreams about drawing mean? Well, it could mean that you covet the item you draw. For example, if you draw a picture of a house, you may crave the security and stability of a home. 

If you draw a picture of a beautiful woman or a handsome man, you may have a strong desire to seek love.

Dreaming of Someone Else Drawing

If you dream of someone else drawing, you may feel jealousy about this person in real life.

Perhaps you think they are setting long-term goals and creating visions of the future, while you aren’t sure what you want out of life or need help deciding how to make the most of your time.

Dream of Drawing and Stopping

If you dream of drawing someone and suddenly stop, you may want to express yourself to someone in real life but don’t trust them entirely.

Perhaps you want to open yourself up to this person, but something is holding you back or keeping you from being as honest and forthcoming as possible.

If you dream about drawing and stopping, you may be unsure of yourself or unsure if you can achieve your real-life dreams.

Dreaming of Drawing When You Don’t Know How to Draw

What if you dream about drawing, but you’ve never drawn a picture or doodled before? Drawing dreams of this nature can signify a desire for new adventures and experiences.

You may want to travel, learn a new skill, or return to school. Drawing dreams can also signify the need for a change of pace.  

You can draw anything your heart desires when you set your pen to paper. What are your hopes and dreams? Do you need to reevaluate what you want or need out of life?

Dream of Drawing a Self Portrait

If you dream of drawing a self-portrait, you are trying to present the best attributes of yourself to those you know and love.

These dreams often coincide with a unique or significant event in your life. 

Are you getting married, providing a valued presentation to your boss, or hoping for a promotion next month?

Self-portrait dreams may indicate the need for strength and confidence in light of significant events in your life. Maybe you feel unsure of yourself or don’t believe you have what it takes to be successful.

By drawing yourself, you see another side of yourself. You can step away from the image and see your strengths on the page.

Drawing a Portrait of Someone Else

Drawing a portrait of someone means you want to share your feelings or open yourself up more to the person on the page.

We often draw pictures of other people when we have strong feelings for them. We also draw these pictures in our dreams when we want that person to notice us in real life.

When you draw, you express your thoughts, feelings, and emotions through the colors and images on the page. What do you want to share with the person you drew in your dream?

Drawing Someone Who Died

If you draw a picture of someone who died, you want to hold on to them. Perhaps they died recently or many years ago.

The duration of their passing isn’t vital to your dream; it simply means you want to conjure up memories of that person and not let them go.

You can hold on to this person’s picture indefinitely by creating an image in your dream.

Maybe you can’t see them in real life, but you can continue to create visions of them in your mind.

Dreaming of Drawing with Chalk

If you dream of drawing with chalk, you may wish to act impulsively or childishly. Most of us don’t use chalk or crayons when drawing as adults, so these tools may indicate a desire for fun or childlike adventures like the ones you experienced in your youth.

Drawing with chalk or crayons can also signify a lack of confidence. Are you worried that you don’t have the skills necessary to succeed?

Dreaming of Drawing on the Walls

Dreams about drawing on the walls may indicate a worry about a past regret. Parents often scold their children for drawing on walls rather than paper.

Have you made a past mistake you cannot rectify? Do you need to apologize for the pain you’ve caused others? Do you need to say you’re sorry to someone you love?

Dreaming of Drawing with Ink

On the other hand, if you draw with ink, you feel confident in your abilities. We cannot erase ink like we can chalk or pencil. So drawing with pens is a sign that you believe in yourself and want others to believe in you too.

Dream of Children Drawing

If you dream of children drawing, you may be searching for more happiness and joy in your life.

Do you remember how fun it was to color in coloring books when you were a child? Do you remember how fun it was to grab chalk sticks to draw lines and images on the sidewalk?

When you dream of children drawing, you are searching for the unencumbered joy of youth. You want to eliminate your worries and stress in favor of finding happy moments throughout your day.

To Dream That Someone is Drawing Your Portrait

If you dream of someone drawing your portrait, you may feel self-conscious. You may worry that someone will draw out the parts of yourself that you try to hide from others.

Maybe you look at the portrait and think your nose looks too big or your ears are too pointy. These dreams indicate the need to build confidence and believe in yourself.

Treasure the things that make you different from others rather than believing they make you less pretty or handsome.

Dream of Drawing a Tree

When you dream of drawing a tree, you search for strength and stability. Just as the trunks hold up leaves and branches, you want to dig your feet into the earth and feel connected, grounded, and strong.

Focus on the branches of the tree you drew in your dream. Are they reaching out to anything in the image you created? Are they seeking the light of the sun or the rain? 

If your branches are sheltering animals or flowers from the harsh elements, it may mean you wish to be more helpful. If you dream of drawing a tree, you may want to search for ways to help others along life’s journey.

Dreaming of Seeing a Picture

Seeing a drawing in your dream can signify holding on to the past too tightly. Are you worried about previous mistakes or focused on regrets from past decisions? Seeing pictures in a dream can symbolize the need to move ahead with your life, emphasizing the future rather than the past. 

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