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I really enjoyed clearing my head in last week’s Random Thoughts on this Rainy Afternoon and thought I’d perform a similar brain dump. Here it goes…

  • I currently rank fourth in the Cutting-Edge Banking Technology category of the PF Olympics. Thanks to all of you who previous voted! If you haven’t voted yet you can do so by clicking the image below. Once the screen renders just click on the ‘Vote for this article’ button on the left hand side of the page. The top three articles in each category will move onto the next round, so if you haven’t already voted please vote and give me a boost!
  • I guess people don’t write letters anymore, because I went to five stores and couldn’t find any stationary worth buying. My husband and I are in the process of hand writing letters to my son and I’ve been in search of pretty paper for over a month now. Any ideas?
  • On my way back from the store I was lured into buying fast food. I know shame on me. I’m trying to reduce my consumption of greasy grub, but stopping on the way home was SO easy and a coupon for a free chicken sandwich was calling to me from inside the dashboard.
  • I stupidly placed my iPhone on top of the hood of my car and watched it crash to the ground a few seconds later. The car was parked on a slant and that shiny iPhone slid right off. I tried to catch it, but instead it came crashing down to the pavement. In my pre-baby life I would’ve wrapped it in scotch tape and called it a day, but with shards of glass falling out I figured I should ask Apple to fix it for me. Final cost: $30 plus $5 for an iPhone case that should prevent future breakages.
  • My son has been saying ‘mama’ on a consistent basis for a few months now. He doesn’t know what it means yet but I love to watch his little mouth form as he makes the ‘m’ sound.
  • BlogHer recently featured How Would You Grade Your Life on the career section of their site. I am honored to have my article selected.
  • I am hosting a giveaway for a $50 Gift Certificate to NOVICA. So far I have very few entries so if you enter you have a GREAT chance of winning! I plan to host another giveaway to celebrate my upcoming 35th birthday. So stay tuned for it.
  • If you are looking for new PF blogs check out Wise Bread’s Most Popular Personal Finance Blogs list One Frugal Girl is now ranked #508th. Smack dab in the middle of the pack.

11 thoughts on “What’s New In My World”

  1. Design your own stationary! Get some plain paper from an office supply store and either print your own or have them print it. If you don’t want to do that, I’d look on Etsy.

    • I thought about taking this approach and even walked up and down the aisles at Staples in search of stamps or cut outs to complete the task. I just wasn’t sure I could really make it look as good as the idea I have in my head. Maybe I should spend the money and give it a whirl. It’ll certainly be heartfelt if I design the stationary myself.

    • I’ll have to Google, but I don’t think I have any Tuesday Morning stores nearby. I did checkout Marshalls and Ross because they often carry paper and journals, but I didn’t see anything worth buying on my last trip.

  2. I can’t stop eating junk food too and always feel guilty when I am finished with it :{ Hahahaha…. Funny, I also crushed my iPhone one week ago but it’s only the display so I didn’t fixed it yet. I have so much going on right now. Do you know how to get better app ranks? A friend of mine builded an app and now he is trying to get it rolling.

    • Sorry to hear about your iPhone. My husband cracked his months ago and has yet to get it fixed. His doesn’t have glass falling out of it though. Can’t help with the app ranks. I’m not sure how that works.

  3. I think you might be able to find some cool stationary at a scrapbooking store such as Archivers. You can probably find some deals/coupons on their website as well.

    • We don’t have an Archiver’s store in our area. Bummer. It looks like a good place to check out. I’m hesitant to buy online. I just don’t think you can tell much about paper quality from an online store. Thanks for the suggestion though.

  4. If the stationary hunt fails, you might consider keeping a journal. I’m five months pregnant with my first baby, and I started a journal for her with all my thoughts, feelings, wishes, etc. I make an entry every couple of days and always after doctor appointments. I plan to keep it up for quite a bit of her early childhood. With a journal, all the letters are in one place and less likely to get lost.

    • It’s funny. We started out thinking about a journal, but then I liked the idea of separate pieces of paper. I’ve actually gone back and forth on the idea quite a bit and might end up taking that route. I do have a blog for him that I’ve been keeping from the moment I found out I was pregnant. You make a good point about the journal though. At least then everything is in one place. Good point! Congratulations on your pregnancy! Do you know if you are having a boy or a girl?


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