When Should I Buy Tickets for My Flight

I started researching airline prices for my trip to Boston in February. A round trip flight from Washington, DC on Jet Blue is currently priced at $128 per person. That seems like a really good price, but I talked to some friends who suggested waiting a few months to see if prices drop farther.

I always thought ticket prices went up over time, but they said airlines often advertise lower prices when flying to a cold place like Boston in the middle of winter. The ticket is so cheap at this point that I’m not sure how much more I could save. This is a leisure trip and I’m not willing to board a 6 am flight to save myself $20.

So I’m not sure what to do. Should I go ahead and purchase tickets now or wait and see if the prices fall once the cold weather arrives?

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  1. If you're happy with this price and the flight times, I say take it. It is possible that prices will drop, but you'll have to be watching like a hawk. And believe me, I am practically a travel agent for my family, so I completely understand searching for good deals. But I also know about taking a good deal when I find it. šŸ™‚

    Then again, I love Jet Blue, so maybe I'm biased.

  2. That does seem like a great price, although I don't know where you're flying from. Since your trip is in February, I would suggest waiting no later than late December to buy tickets.

  3. I think if you buy it on one of the travel sites they have a guarantee that if another customer gets the same flight at a lower price, you get the difference refunded. Might be worth buying it that way in case it goes down later. Can't remember which site, but they have that commercial with the hovercraft.

  4. I bought tickets a short time ago for an interstate trip. I purchased a really cheap one way ticket there, but as I could,nt find a return flight which left or arrived at a time that suited me I booked with another Airline and paid $100 dearer to return home. So imagine how annoyed I was to receive a phonecall while I was on holiday informing me of a change to my flight time, and you guessed it the time did,nt suit my lift to the Airport or my pickup at the other end.
    So I say if everything about your flights suits then book it ASAP

  5. The price alert software I used already emailed me. Unfortunately, the discounted flights are only for early morning and late night flights and I'm looking for flights in the early evening hours. I decided to wait a few more weeks. I hope I don't regret that decision. I'm flying from Washington, DC and there are a lot of flights back and forth between these two cities. I'll keep the price watch on and see what happens next.


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