A Whopping Credit Card Bill

Our credit card bill is higher than it’s been in ages. In fact it’s more than the previous four months combined. So where did all of the money go? Well I’m afraid to say much of it went out the window.

We spent a whopping $1,700 on food, groceries and gas. My husband and I have been driving back and forth between our primary house and our beach house quite a bit. We typically leave late at night and stop for dinner as we drive down south. On the way back home we also stop off for lunch or dinner.

Add to that the fact that my husband is now working farther from home and eating out with coworkers and you’ll find a credit card bill stacked to the brim with one restaurant’s name after another. We typically eat dinner out less than once or twice in a month, but in the past thirty days we’ve eaten out over nearly ten times more often.

Due to the back and forth traveling I’ve spent less and less time in a grocery store. I’ve tried to shop from time to time while we’re at the beach, but with so many chores to accomplish there is little time left for shopping.

Of course all of these trips have also added mileage on our cars and an enormous carbon footprint in the form of gas for our vehicles. We also spent nearly $2,000 to repair the air conditioner in our thirteen year old car.

While I’m surprised by the totals I must admit that most of the expenses have been worth it. I wouldn’t trade a penny for any of the experiences my husband and I have shared.

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