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The Purge Continues…

In my quest to get rid of 50 things I forced myself to take a hard look at my bookshelves. I found a bunch of books I bought but never read and a couple that I haven’t read in ages.

I used to have a real obsession with books. I think it’s a hang over from my year’s as an English major. My shelves were packed to the brim with books, including novels I first read in middle and high school. Every time I moved from one place to another I boxed up all of those novels and textbooks and carried them along to the next destination.

When I moved into a group house after college I dropped all of my favorite books at my parent’s house. I remember feeling strangely pained by the notion that I had to leave them behind, but I just didn’t have any room for them in my tiny, temporary bedroom. Of course as soon as I bought a house of my own I acquired new bookshelves, picked up the books from my parent’s house and reordered and stacked them.

Years later as I began to simplify my life I took a crack at clearing out those shelves. It was hard to part with them at first, but I started with the older reads and eventually narrowed the numbers down to a very small pile. I carried bags of those books to the library and sold a small number on cash sites like cash4books and bluerectangle. I decided I could always borrow the books back from the library or even buy another copy. Interestingly enough I’ve never done either. I guess I don’t really miss those books after I purge them.

The fact is that I acquire more books in my life than just about anything else. While I no longer buy new books I still acquire used ones from eBay, and PaperBackSwap. Tonight I found at least fifteen that can be sold and donated. I don’t really want to go through the hassle of creating eBay and listings so I think I’ll box most of them up and deliver them to the local library. Thirty-one items purged and the quest to purge fifty items continues…


Friday 21st of May 2010

Frugal Girl,

I came across your blog by accident, but glad I did. I have donated so many books over the years and am down to about 25 now. I plan to purge that even more this weekend. I am sure someone can use them

There are a couple of art books and novels I will keep for sure, but the rest will go. I'm really considering just going book-free altogther and doing the Kindle route.



Thursday 20th of May 2010

I have a really hard time getting rid of books. Possibly because I've always dreamed of a "library". I've gotten better about getting books from the library and only buying the really good ones, but it's still hard to purge .. especially not-read ones, because I have to read them first! ;)


Sunday 16th of May 2010

I find it really difficult to get rid of books, too. I've been using Paperback Swap for about a year and a half and I LOVE it, but it's hard to get rid of books I once enjoyed, even if I know I'll never read them again. Honestly, what's the point of keeping a book if I don't LOVE it? (Or need it for reference, etc--I have a few pregnancy books and whatnot that I look at every so often).


Thursday 13th of May 2010

Great job on the purging! You feel lighter like you lost weight, don't you? I try to cull through my belongings and donate, giveaway, sell or trash stuff every so often (especially before a move!) and I love how freeing the whole process is.

Donna Freedman

Thursday 13th of May 2010

I find it hard to get rid of books. But when I started thinking about moving, the need to downsize finally took hold.I sold a bunch of titles online, making a moderate amount of money. I donated a ton of them to a rummage sale and a few more to my church's library.I haven't actually decided to move yet. Good thing, since I've still got way too many books. But I've stopped buying and am making an effort to read books that I already own (in part so I can decide whether I want to give them away) and also to use the library more (because I get to give them back!).