How To Haggle, Negotiate, and Make an Offer on eBay

Can You Haggle on eBay? Let’s begin with a surprising fact. You can haggle on eBay. The best way to haggle is to offer a lower price through the Best Offer or Make Offer options. The second way is to reach out directly to the seller with an offer lower than their listing price. How … Read more

My Rule for Selling on eBay

I’ve received quite a few emails since I wrote the post Tallies from 2012: How Much Money Did My Blog Earn? A reader asked me what I sold on eBay and if I have any rules for selling. The answers to both of those questions are pretty simple. While I sold a variety of items in … Read more

The High Price of Collectibles and Limited Time Offerings

A few days ago I found myself shopping for interactive story buddies, (otherwise known as talking stuffed animals), at Hallmark. My son absolutely loves books and I thought he might enjoy snuggling with a cuddly toy that sings, barks and makes other fun noises when you read out loud. Before heading out to the store … Read more

Oh eBay!

Why on earth would anyone bid on an auction when they don’t intend to pay? I was so excited to sell an unused Wii console and now I’m trapped in the nightmare of eBay’s processes for a bidder who refuses to cough up the cash. I don’t even understand the bidder’s feedback. Negative feedback as … Read more

Selling One Thing to Buy Another

I celebrated my first mother’s day this weekend. My husband, son and I went out for a long walk around the lake, attempted to make handprints and planted a beautiful tree in our front yard. Just spending time with the family was the greatest gift, but it turns out my little man had a gift … Read more