Parting with More Stuff

I used to struggle with getting rid of my possessions, but these days I find it easier and easier to give away my stuff. I still have a hard time with certain books and a few articles of clothing, but most everything else could disappear without bothering me. This week I plan to post some … Read more

Suggestions on How to Sell My iPhone

I have two old iPhones that my husband and I are no longer using. Do you think I should sell them on eBay or to a used cell phone purchaser like gazelle? I think I can make more on eBay, but I also know it can be more of a hassle. I’d love to hear … Read more

Sell or Donate: How Do you Decide?

Last week I listed four unwanted items on eBay and sold them all for just over $130. I have a bunch of other things in the house that my husband and I no longer need, but I’m not sure whether to sell them or donate them to the local shelter. The first four items were … Read more

Perhaps I’ve Cleared Out Too Much Clutter

After telling my husband I planned to list a few more items on eBay this week he said, “Maybe I should bid on the items you’re selling just so I can hold on to some of the things I’ve bought.” While he was trying to be funny, I must admit that there is a fair … Read more

Do You eBay, if So How Much Do You Intend to Save?

I typically shop around quite a bit before making an online purchase. Even if the item is relatively inexpensive I still take a few minutes to compare prices. Froogle is my favorite site and I typically punch in the description and search around the cheapest websites before making a decision. Lately I’ve found myself shopping … Read more