Frugal Homeschooling: Easy Ways to Save

In July of last year, my husband and I debated the pros and cons of homeschooling our two children, ages 5 and 8. After weighing our options and considering all angles, we decided to homeschool them for the first time. As a personal finance enthusiast and all-around money nerd, I started the school year with a list of … Read more

12 Questions to Ask a Girl Before Marriage

So you want to get married. You’re ready to cue the romantic music, drop those pricey rose petals, and propose, but wait! Don’t get down on one knee just yet. Instead, grab your significant other, pull up a comfy chair, and get ready for a heart-to-heart talk. These are the questions you want to ask … Read more

Can You Have a Healthy Relationship Without Arguments?

I avoid arguments in my relationships because I hate conflict. I also despise feeling weak or vulnerable. I’m not keen on expressing pain, anger, or disappointment either. It’s one of the reasons I write in this blog. I write to expunge my feelings. Then I convince myself I don’t need to talk about them. I … Read more

Homeschooling for the First Time

A month ago my husband and I withdrew our children from school for the 2020-2021 school year. In the midst of this pandemic we’ve decided to start homeschooling. My youngest will be a kindergartener this year. My oldest will be a third grader. Why did we choose to homeschool? In-person school wasn’t an option for … Read more

How Many Pennies in a Roll? The Value of Coin Rolling

How many coins are in a roll? Penny Rolls: 50 pennies = 50 cents Nickel Rolls: 40 nickels = $2.00 Dime Rolls: 50 dimes = $5.00 Quarter Rolls: 40 quarters = $10.00 Half Dollar Rolls: 20 half dollars = $10.00 Large/Silver Dollar Rolls: 20 large silver dollars = $20.00 Small Dollar Coin Rolls: 25 small … Read more

Family Financial Meeting: A Step By Step Guide

A new year just started, which means it’s time to set big goals. Most of us focus on aspirations like losing weight, getting in shape or exploring new careers, but have you thought about your financial plans yet? If not, what are you waiting for? There is no time like the present to review your … Read more

Financial Dishonesty in Marriage: Signs of Financial Infidelity

Financial dishonesty (otherwise known as financial infidelity) is the act of falsifying details or omitting financial facts from your spouse or partner. Financial indiscretions can include spending money, opening secret accounts, borrowing money, signing up for new credit cards, and incurring credit card debt without your spouse’s knowledge. Have you ever kept financial secrets from … Read more

Financial Favoritism: Giving More Money to One Child

Do you think parents should provide financial assistance to their adult children? If so, do you think they should do so equally, or is it okay for parents to give more money to one child? Is providing an unequal inheritance or favoring one child financially ever fair? Is inequality always a sign of sibling favoritism? … Read more

Are You Financially Dependent on Your Husband or Wife?

Let’s begin with these questions: Do you depend on your partner for financial support? Could you pay all of your bills and maintain your current standard of living without help from anyone else? I recently wrote a post called Quitting My High-Paying Job. If you haven’t read it yet, take a gander and then pop back … Read more