Hits & Misses – Cooking While on Vacation

My husband and I spent a week at the beach and only ordered dinner out one time. We had subs and chicken wings delivered on the very first night of our vacation. We were extremely tired from driving and unpacking and settled for delivery, but the food was definitely not worth the $40 price tag.The … Read more

A Little Bit of This a Little Bit of That

This is one of those random hodge-podge posts. You know the kind where you start writing about one thing and quickly find yourself thinking about another, so rather than breaking them up you toss them all into the same post and call it a day. — It seems 2013 has continued right where 2012 left … Read more

The Legacy We Leave Behind

A few weeks ago The Frugal Girl wrote a whole post describing the new ladle she purchased. Now if you are really into kitchen gear you might be excited to read about soup ladles. That wasn’t the case for me. It wasn’t the soup ladle that interested me, it was the thought process she went through … Read more

The Lure of a Gourmet Grocery Store

What is it about gourmet grocery stores that make me drop all concern for money? Until recently I only had two options for buying groceries: Giant or Safeway. While I can certainly fill a cart full of food in either of these two places I don’t really get excited about cooking or baking when I … Read more

Making Fruits and Veggies Last Longer

So I’ve tried all sorts of tricks to keep my fruits and veggies from spoiling before I can eat them. I now keep them on the top of my refrigerator rather than the bin. Every time I open the fridge I see them staring me in the face. This helps in two regards I am … Read more

How to Avoid Spending Traps at the Grocery Store

Do you spend more than you think you should at the grocery store? Do you consider what you’re placing into your cart and then consider the alternatives? For example, do you realize that you are paying more for shredded cheese than you would for a whole block? Do you know that prepackaged deli meat is … Read more

Tired of Chicken

Here’s a shout out to my readers! Most of my go-to recipes involve chicken as the primary protein. While I try to vary the ways I prepare it I must admit that I’m getting a little chickened out. I’ve checked out a bunch of my favorite cooking sites in the hopes of finding something new, … Read more

Cleaning Out the Fridge Never Felt So Good

This month I’ve vowed to waste less food. Well, truth be told I vow this every month, but this time I’m taking the vow more seriously. We have two refrigerators and a freezer in my home and with so many appliances around it’s tough to keep track of all the ingredients that might spoil. So … Read more