I Am In Love… With a Sandwich

On a daily basis my husband works a multitude of jobs. He typically commutes between offices and locations multiple times throughout the day. As luck would have it one of his new jobs is located just a few miles from home. When it’s convenient my husband works at the job closest to home in the … Read more

Tonight’s Dinner: Chicken Curry

My husband has been begging me to make chicken curry for ages. I’ve tried once or twice before and failed miserably. The first time the flavor was too pungent. The second time the flavor was too bland. Tonight I tried a thirty minute recipe that was just perfect. Here’s the recipe: 1 tablespoon olive oil … Read more

Link Love: I’m Selected as Editor’s Choice

This week Money Ning hosted the 179th Carnival of Personal Finance and featured my article Why I Save as an Editor’s Choice. I’m honored to be one of the chosen three in a carnival that includes over 100 articles. Thanks David for the kudos. My favorite articles from this week’s carnival are: Top 10 Reasons … Read more

Where Do You Find the Best Recipes?

My husband and I managed to make three healthy, home-cooked meals this week. On the other nights we ate leftovers from the night before. I tried one new recipe and I’m planning on making two new ones next week. I found all the recipes on foodtv.com. I know this sounds crazy, but I hate to … Read more

Warm Meals on a Cold Winter Night

In the summer my husband and I typically grill outside three to four nights a week, but in the winter I like to experiment in the kitchen. Over the weekend I scoured the Internet for new recipes. I set aside nine or ten to try over the next two weeks. I searched for recipes with … Read more

I Spent Twenty Cents on Dinner for Two Plus Dessert

This evening my husband and I enjoyed two meals and shared one dessert for a grand total of 20 cents. A few weeks before my birthday I signed up for Noodlegrams on the Noodles & Company website. A week prior to my birthday I received an email coupon for a free entree. I also received … Read more

Brown-Bagging is Hurting D.C. Restaurants

Two or three days last week my husband packed his lunch for work. This week he took a sandwich to the office on Monday and made himself a tuna melt this afternoon. Today he asked me to pick up more lunch meat from the grocery store, which is a sign that he’ll aim to eat … Read more

Back to Home Cooked Meals

I haven’t bought or paid for dinner for the last four days. On Friday, we headed to my in-laws for a backyard barbecue, followed by dinner out with my parents on Saturday, back to my in-laws on Sunday and finally leftovers from Saturday’s dinner on Monday evening. I was rather happy to let others do … Read more

Yummy Smoothie Recipes

In an effort to squeeze more fruit into my diet I’ve recently turned to the wonderful world of smoothies. I usually just throw some soy milk into the blender with a whole host of frozen fruits, but this past weekend I came across a couple of very yummy recipes. In the past few weeks I’ve … Read more