Intentional Living the Key to Health, Wealth & Happiness

What is the greatest key to success? Ask a group of people and you’ll hear many different answers. Discipline, hard work, intelligence, persistence, confidence, race, ethnicity, privilege, and luck usually top the list. I hear this question time and again and I often ask myself the same thing. Did one characteristic lead to my success … Read more

can money buy happiness

Can Money Buy Happiness? How to Measure Your Joy

Can money buy happiness? Psychologists have been investigating this question for decades. Are we happier when we earn and spend more? What do you think? I think we can let researchers continue to run their surveys and experiments. In the meantime, we can use a spreadsheet full of emoticons to decide for ourselves. Tracking our … Read more

Addition By Subtraction: Gaining More With Less

Most of us are searching for more in this life. We strive for more money, more accolades and more possessions. We are conditioned to believe that more is better, but is that always the case? What if we flipped this idea on its head? What if we cut items out of our lives rather than … Read more

Be Content With What You Have: Redefine Enough

What is your definition of enough? Do you have a roof over your head and food in your pantry? Is that enough? If not, how much more would you need to be content? Have you ever thought about it? Most of us don’t. Isn’t it strange that we spend our whole lives searching for more, yet we … Read more

Quit Your Job, Live Simply and Follow Your Dreams

Have you ever dreamed of leaving your corporate job for a simpler life? Maybe you’ve thought about quitting your job to pursue your dreams or resigning so you can travel the world in your thirties. Do you flash forward to the future and feel saddened by the current trajectory of your career and life? “How … Read more

How To Enjoy Life & Live to the Fullest Without Money

I sit on the floor, surrounded by a group of smiling first graders. “What do you want to be when you grow up,” I ask. Their hands shoot up high into the air as they enthusiastically call out their answers. “A doctor.” “A nurse.” “A basketball player.” “A builder.” “A teacher.” “A zookeeper.” They are … Read more