Buying Christmas Gifts for Myself

Buying Christmas Gifts for Myself

This December, I did something I haven’t done in a very long time. I bought Christmas gifts for myself! Honestly, I can’t remember the last time I devoted time to creating a wish list, but I jotted down some ideas and began the search for holiday bargains. So what did I buy? A Fitbit Watch … Read more

An Alternative Way To Spend Black Friday

The ads pop into my inbox. Fifty-percent off. Lowest prices of the season. Best deals of the year. Buy-one-get-one-free. Temptation is the worst part of the holiday season for me. Those deeply discounted promotions lure me to spend money on items we really don’t need, so now I delete each new email and immediately unsubscribe … Read more

Tricks to Spending Less on Christmas Gifts

I managed to limit Christmas spending this year through a variety of techniques. First, I took advantage of Kohl’s Veteran’s Day sale. The store offered $10 off a $50 toy purchase plus $10 off a $25 purchase and an additional 20% off. I bought $54 worth of toys for roughly $29. If you aren’t aware … Read more


A few days before Halloween my husband looked into the massive bowl of candy and said “you did not buy enough.” “You don’t think that’s enough,” I asked, “It’s ten bags of candy!” I really didn’t want to run to the store to buy more, but I had a sinking feeling he was right. A … Read more

A Mother’s Day Gift to Myself

My husband came home this week and told me his coworkers seemed stressed and annoyed with the expectations of Mother’s Day and the gifts they need to buy their wives. I’m not a fan of all the fluff and stuff associated with major holidays. A few years back a male coworker said “I don’t want … Read more

The Christmas Rundown

I spent so much time organizing the house that Christmas became a bit of an after thought. With the big day approaching I buckled down, bought gifts and checked off names on our rather short list. So far I’ve managed to keep the costs to a minimum. While I didn’t shop on Black Friday I … Read more

Avoiding the Urge to Spend Money By Counting My Blessings

So far I’ve managed to avoid the plethora of store emails streaming into my inbox. I’m deleting the majority of unread feeds in my reader too. Fifty percent off, free shipping, buy-one-get-one and every other type of sale tactic in between flashes on my screen, but so far I haven’t pulled out my credit card … Read more

A Breakdown of My Christmas Expenses

Did you set a holiday budget? Did you stick to it? I did really well this year. Mom’s Gift – Purchased at Macy’s using a gift card I earned for completing online surveys. I actually purchased this in August. It was marked down significantly and I used a $10 coupon I received in the mail. Final … Read more

At This Stage It Is Not About the Toys

My little tike turned two just before the holidays. He is at a glorious age. An age where Christmas has absolutely nothing to do with toys and everything to do with activities. We pile into the car on blustery nights to look at Christmas lights in the neighborhood. We spend half an hour decorating a … Read more