Does Anyone Really Save Money at CVS?

I’ve been trying to save money each week by clipping coupons from the Washington Post and searching the weekly circulars for deals. I shop primarily at Giant, Rite-Aid, and CVS, which are all within a mile of my home. A co-worker told me she saves a ton of money at CVS through their ECB program. … Read more

Should I Buy a Car Even Though I Don’t Need It Yet?

I currently drive a 1994 Ninety-Eight Oldsmobile Regency. My husband and I bought the car for $900 in March of ’06. Unfortunately, since March the car has required a number of repairs adding up to over $2,800. That’s certainly more than my husband and I wanted to spend on an old clunker of a car … Read more

Money is tight… Time for a potluck dinner

So one of my friends is newly engaged, one is planning for her first child (only three months away), one has a newly graduated husband with more loan payments than paychecks, one is about to undergo expensive IVF treatments, and one has had a year full of unexpected medical expenses (oh wait that’s me). Every … Read more

2006 Outer Banks Vacation Rentals Look Solid

If all goes well it looks like our beach house in NC might already be booked eleven weeks this summer. The ranges in weekly rental prices vary from $1,200 early and late in the summer to $2,275 during the peak weeks. Some summers have been better than others for the outer banks but this year … Read more

Beach House… A worthy investment?

In July of 2005 my husband and I purchased a very cute, little, yellow, beach house in NC for $620,000. We bought the house because we love it. And if all goes well we’ll spend a good deal of our retirement there (we’re only in our 20s so that’s a long way off). If you … Read more

Selling Books Online

As I mentioned in a previous entry I am attempting to clear as much clutter from my home as possible. If there is way to clear clutter and make money I am all for it. So I did some research online and discovered a number of websites that will allow you to sell books online. … Read more