Saving Pennies and Dimes

Thoughts on my compulsion to save: My husband keeps telling me to look at the big picture and stop saving pennies and dimes. I hear him, (even though he thinks I am ignoring his words), but I have a hard time actually foll0wing through on that. When diapers are on sale at the local drug … Read more

Keeping the Big Money Picture in Mind

Yesterday my husband offered to go grocery shopping with me. Rather than rushing off to work first thing in the morning he hopped into the passenger’s seat and accompanied me to the store. Before leaving the house I grabbed a few coupons. A flyer arrived in the mail two days earlier containing $5 off a … Read more

How to Prepare for Vacation: Saving Money on Food

Over the years I’ve perfected the art of packing and preparing for vacation. I can load the car in a matter of minutes; ensuring we don’t forget anything important and finding space for absolutely everything we need. I know the quickest routes between points A and B and the best way to maximize our travel time. … Read more

Free Books: I Am in Love!

One of the best things about blogging is revisiting old posts. Reading my own words helps keep me accountable to myself. As a result of recent home renovations I created a little note to myself called A Few Things I Learned While Nesting, Purging and Streamlining. Lesson #7 including the following: Books are a huge … Read more

Weighing the Time-Value of Clipping Coupons

A few months ago I transferred a prescription from CVS to Rite Aid. This seemed like a no-brainer since the drug store is slightly closer to my house, newly renovated and much cleaner and more efficient than our local CVS. I earned $25 in UP Rewards for that transfer, which I used to buy four … Read more

Your Coupon Salary: A Factor of Time and Money

I’ve written about coupons many different times over the past few years. I used to sing the praises of those little pieces of paper, but over time I’ve turned against them. At some point along the way I decided to kick them to the curb and cancelled my newspaper subscription to ensure I wouldn’t be … Read more