Grocery Store Policies: Inaccurate Pricing

This morning, while I was out running other errands, I dropped into a nearby grocery store to purchase jelly for my son’s school lunches. I visited this store once or twice before, but I’m not particularly familiar with the store layout or the brands available for purchase. The jelly jars were actually segmented into two … Read more

Bargain Shopping Fail

My son has been sick three times since starting preschool a little over a month and a half ago. Every time he gets sick he seems to pass those lovely germs on to the rest of us. I’ve gotten sick three times in that same span of time. My husband managed to avoid this last … Read more

Stop! I Want Off!

Over the past two and a half years I dramatically cut back on clipping coupons and scouring drugstores in search of freebies. My primary reason was a desire to save time. It was a royal pain in the you know what to drag my infant son around from store to store, pull him out of … Read more

One Reason It Pays Not to Be Size 6

A friend of mine, who shall remain nameless, is a perfect size 6. You know the cute little sizes all the store mannequins wear? Yup, a size 6. She can walk into any store and find a plethora of shirts, dresses and sweaters that mold perfectly to her build. When we went wedding dress shopping … Read more

How Decadent Chocolates Are Helping Me

Photo Credit: I lost all of my baby weight after my son was born, but over time an extra five to ten pounds has crept back onto my body. According to the height-weight projections I could easily stand to lose at least fifteen pounds, possibly twenty. It turns out I had a little extra … Read more

Underwear – I Haven’t Paid For That In Awhile

In the past Victoria’s Secret seemed to hold constant promotions for free panties. I conveniently stocked up each and every time a new coupon arrived in my inbox or the mail. In a year’s time I think I received at least five or six pairs. Whenever JCPenney or Macy’s sent me a coupon for $10 … Read more

Goodbye Sunday Subscription

A month ago I considered giving my newspaper subscription the boot. I called the Washington Post to cancel, but was quickly convinced to remain a subscriber for a significantly reduced price. I spent the next three Sundays reluctantly picking up the paper on Sunday morning. The coupon inserts would sit on top of our dining … Read more

Do You Still Clip Coupons?

I’ve considering dropping my Sunday subscription to the Washington Post for over a year. I always thought that I would be the kind of girl to clip coupons no matter how much money I had in the bank. A million dollars, two million dollars, it doesn’t matter, I thought it just made sense to save … Read more