Shopping Consignment Sales: My Experience

Last week my six month old and I ventured over to a large consignment sale in the Washington, DC area. I had two big goals in mind. First, to look for a winter jacket for my three year old. Second, to investigate the prices for items sold there. I considered selling at this particular sale … Read more

Things I Stopped Buying

I’ve spent a lot of money on home renovations lately, but other than big ticket items like mortgages, utilities and bi-weekly groceries I just don’t open my wallet up much these days. There are a lot of things I no longer buy. Here are just a few that top that list: Nail Polish – I … Read more

Choosing a Kid’s Bike: Focus on Quality or Price?

I’m crouching in the consignment store staring at two bikes. I probably look a little bit crazy. I lift one and contemplate it’s weight. I turn the handlebars, left and right, right and left. Does it move too easily? It definitely feels loose. It feels flimsy in my hands. I inspect the first one again. … Read more

Avoiding the Urge to Spend Money By Counting My Blessings

So far I’ve managed to avoid the plethora of store emails streaming into my inbox. I’m deleting the majority of unread feeds in my reader too. Fifty percent off, free shipping, buy-one-get-one and every other type of sale tactic in between flashes on my screen, but so far I haven’t pulled out my credit card … Read more

SUV or Minivan?

We haven’t purchased a new vehicle since our 1999 Toyota bit the dust a few weeks back. My husband and I drove to the car dealership last week to check out new cars. I was all settled on walking off the car lot with a brand new SUV when the car salesman showed us a … Read more

Inundated by Unexpected Expenses

Every year it seems we have some ridiculous expense and more often than not when one major event comes our way it is quickly followed by at least one or two others. Last year we plunked $36,000 into a new vehicle. We bought the car below invoice, but that was definitely a hit to our … Read more

Preschool Drop Off Was Harder Than I Expected

I knew it wouldn’t be easy to drop my little guy off at preschool. I expected a bit of separation anxiety and perhaps a few tears. After three straight years together I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that it would be hard to place my son in the arms of his teacher and … Read more

A Few Things I Enjoy Spending Money On

I don’t like spending money. Really, I drag my feet whenever I’m required to purchase a big ticket item and I’ve been known to stand in a store aisle for two to three minutes trying to figure out which peanut butter is cheaper, the one on sale, the store brand or the full price brand … Read more

An Absolute, Complete and Utter Frugal Fail

On Friday I loaded a bunch of unwanted presents into the car and started what would become a three hour journey to return them. My son sat happily in the back seat with a container of newly washed grapes, a cup of water and a smile. I’m not certain, but I think he was still … Read more