This Seems a Little Crazy

Yesterday morning I left my son in the care of my husband and walked off to take a shower. When I emerged from the bathroom the kitchen floor was covered in pots, pans and bowls of varying sizes. I really wish I’d taken a picture of that mess. “I want to get rid of all … Read more

Buying Vintage Playskool Wooden Puzzles

It started out innocently enough. My mom pulled a Playskool puzzle out of storage and showed it to my son. She taught him how the puzzle fit together, and within a day or two, he figured out where most of the pieces belonged. He was sixteen months old at the time, though the recommended age … Read more

This Week in Review: Money and Spending

A brief run through of this week’s highs and lows. After checking out of Target and walking all the way to my car this morning I noticed a toy the cashier forgot to ring up. I contemplated throwing it in the back of my trunk, but instead made the long trip back to the checkout … Read more

What Would You Do With $100?

Not so long ago I won a $100 Visa gift card giveaway. I could have used the money to buy groceries or gasoline or any of the regular items I buy on a weekly basis, but that seemed rather boring. So here is what I purchased instead: $75 for a membership to the national zoo. … Read more

You Spent Money on What?

Photo Credit: Before I had a child I could not understand why parents would sign their babies up for infant and toddler classes. “Can’t you entertain your child at home,” I thought. “Isn’t there a better use for your money than singing nursery rhymes next to other kids?” I signed my son up for … Read more

The Biggest Grocery Bill of My Life

We’re on vacation this week and trying something a little different. Rather than preparing grilled chicken and burgers almost every night for dinner I’ve picked out a bunch of favorite recipes. By the end of the night we all want to hang out, drink beer and relax, so rather than standing around grilling we’ve decided … Read more

Our Pool Membership – An Epic Failure

In the middle of July during a particular hot week, (the temperature peaked at a toasty 97 degrees), the pool in our area began offering a reduced membership for the month of August. Originally the price was listed as $185 per family plus an $85 maintenance fee. Divided over thirty-one days the pool would cost … Read more

Is A Zoo Membership Worth It?

My son’s favorite animal (Credit: Mehgan Murphy, Smithsonian’s National Zoo) I took my son on his first trip to the zoo a few months ago. The National Zoo in Washington, DC, doesn’t charge admission, but it charges parking fees between $16 and $22, depending on how long you visit the animals. Free Parking Near the … Read more