Spending More on Hotels when Traveling with Kids?

For the third time in three years my husband and I are planning a trip that involves a lengthy flight and a four night, five day hotel stay. The first two trips were cancelled. The first due to my husband’s business. The second due to flight restrictions during my pregnancy. This time we plan to … Read more

Would You Pay More to Sit in the Front of the Plane?

My son’s very first airplane ride is just under two months away. I recently booked our flight through a third party vendor and had to call the airline for specific seat assignments. I normally wouldn’t worry about this, but wanted to ensure the three of us could book seats next to one another. As soon … Read more

Advice on Flying with Toddlers

I am currently in the midst of planning my son’s first mid-western adventure. While we drive back and forth to North Carolina at least every two or three months we have yet to board an airplane with the little fella. So far he is excellent travel partner and almost never complains during our long six … Read more

The Days Go By So Quickly

It’s tough to blog on vacation. I want to spend my days enjoying the weather and enjoying my time away from technology. A two week trip to the beach has quickly turned into 3 1/2 weeks. That’s the nice part about owning my own beach house and not having a job. I can park myself … Read more

A Child’s Journey In and Around Washington, DC

Almost everyone has a wish list of places they’d like to visit and things they’d like to do in their lifetime. Although my son is only eight months old I’ve already started a list for him. It includes many of the family friendly spots in and around the Washington DC area. Not only are these … Read more

How to Save Money While on Vacation: Part Three

My previous two posts discussed how to save money on food and supplies while on vacation. This post is one of the easiest things you can do to prepare and save money before you leave on your trip. It seems so simple it’s hard to believe anything can go wrong, but somehow or another I … Read more

Is Travel Insurance Needed?

My parents plan on taking my 89 year old grandmother on a 5500 mile trip this spring. She wants to make one last trip to visit my uncle who moved far away shortly after graduating from college. For her age I think my grandmother is in great health. She still lives at home alone and … Read more