Boston Trip Final Tally

Here are the totals for our trip to Boston: $10 – Tickets for the T $78 – Dinner on Friday $0 – Continental Breakfast $9 – Lunch at the Game on Saturday $1.80 – Hot Chocolate $6 – Turkey Wrap $33 – Dinner on Saturday $0 – Appetizers at the Hotel $3 – Chocolate Covered … Read more

Worth the Money

My husband and I are about to head to the airport and return home from our short trip to Boston. My team lost the game we flew up here to watch, but the trip was more than worth the price we paid. Our plane landed just as the sun was setting and we stepped out … Read more

A Weekend Away

What do you do before leaving the house for a weekend away? I don’t know why, but I always feel the compulsion to sweep the floors, wash all the laundry, run the dishwasher, put away all the dishes, run water down the kitchen sink, run the disposal, take the trash, shut down all of my … Read more

My Fun Fund is Just Shy of $2,000

I decided the price was right and purchased two flights for my upcoming trip to Boston. The total before taxes and other fees was $71 per person and when all was said and done I paid less than $200. I would have preferred to fly on Southwest, (I’m two points shy of a free ticket), … Read more

When Should I Buy Tickets for My Flight

I started researching airline prices for my trip to Boston in February. A round trip flight from Washington, DC on Jet Blue is currently priced at $128 per person. That seems like a really good price, but I talked to some friends who suggested waiting a few months to see if prices drop farther. I … Read more

Planning a Trip to Boston

My husband and I are planning a three day trip to Boston in February. According to the average temperature in February is right around 39 degrees. That means it’ll be a bit nippier than the 80 degree weather we had the pleasure of experiencing on our last weekend trip together to Key West, Florida. … Read more

Few Food Expenses While on Vacation

After spending a few extra days out west it certainly feels good to be back in Maryland. There really is no place like home. I took a little time tonight to add up our travel expenses and realized we spent very little while we were away. Before our trip I cooked a hodgepodge of recipes … Read more

Big Snow Storm Keeps Us Stranded Out West

Due to the big snowstorm back east my husband and I have been stuck out west for the past three days. Originally scheduled to fly home on Friday we’re now heading to the airport for a late Monday night flight. Southwest cancelled two of our three scheduled flights so we’re hoping this flight actually heads … Read more

Total Cost of Our Four Day Vacation: Just Over $1,900

It feels like forever since I last sat down to write a new post on One Frugal Girl and I’m happy to be back in front of my big screen monitor. I’m also happy to report that our fabulous four day vacation actually cost less than I initially expected. Our breakdown is roughly as follows: … Read more