Odds and Ends in October

A few odds and ends… My husband asked when I might stop worrying about every little dollar. I told him when we finish paying off the mortgages on both houses or reach $2 million in assets. His response: A rolling chuckle. Our little guy is growing too fast and my ovaries hurt every time he … Read more

Finally Waking After Four Years of Motherhood

For as long as I can remember I imagined it would be difficult for me to conceive children. After my medical problems in 2005 I was convinced children would not be in my future and after struggling for a year and a half with infertility I was almost certain. When my son was born this … Read more

I’m Begging You: Please Step Out of Line

Yesterday, (in the brief span of time between dropping and picking my son off at daycare), I traveled to Target to complete a very simple return. I went first thing in the morning in the hopes of beating the crowds. I try to maximize my son’s time at school. It’s a whole lot easier to … Read more

Just a Few of the Ways I’ve Wasted Money

As I was contemplating my decision to stay at the beach I couldn’t help but think of all the ways I’ve wasted money over the years. There was the time we remained on COBRA long after we should have switched over to my husband’s insurance plan. We paid well over $1500 a month and went to the … Read more

Link Love on a Sunday Afternoon

I’m sitting home watching movies with my husband and my son who are both sick witha  fever. Not exactly the way we planned to spend a Sunday afternoon, but it’s nice that we are all home and snuggled together. I haven’t written much this week. I’ve fallen off the blogging wagon, but here are a … Read more

Tuesday Night Link Love

It has been FOREVER since I posted a list of my favorite weekly links. I simply haven’t had the time to keep up to date with blogs these days, so I’ve cut a bunch from my RSS reader in the hopes of focusing on posts that are most relevant to me. Of course, I seem … Read more

I Have a Secret… I Don’t Budget

I have a secret to tell. I’m One Frugal Girl who does not budget. At least not the strict sense of the word. I have a general idea of how much money I can spend on things, but I don’t sit down at the beginning of the year and define just how much I can … Read more

Who Knew? A Clarification.

Who knew yesterday’s blog post would get people so up in arms. I received two emails from readers who seemed utterly disgusted by what I wrote, so I added a clarification to clear up any misunderstandings.

What is Your Most Inexpensive Pick Me Up?

I have a lot of friends that get depressed during the winter time and although the weather on the east coast has been mild this year I still know a few folks who are down in the dumps. I know some women cheer themselves up with a day at the spa, but when I’m feeling blue … Read more