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Odds and Ends in October

A few odds and ends… My husband asked when I might stop worrying about every little dollar. I told him when we finish paying off the mortgages on both houses or reach $2 million in assets. His response: A rolling chuckle. Our little guy is growing too fast and my ovaries hurt every time he …

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Tuesday Night Link Love

It has been FOREVER since I posted a list of my favorite weekly links. I simply haven’t had the time to keep up to date with blogs these days, so I’ve cut a bunch from my RSS reader in the hopes of focusing on posts that are most relevant to me. Of course, I seem …

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Who Knew? A Clarification.

Who knew yesterday’s blog post would get people so up in arms. I received two emails from readers who seemed utterly disgusted by what I wrote, so I added a clarification to clear up any misunderstandings. Subscribe To My Newsletter Get updates straight to your inbox. Subscribe

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