My Purse Was Stolen

My Diaper Bag

I’m not sure of the exact sequence of events, but at some point over the course of a 48 hour period my car was ransacked. There didn’t appear to be any visible signs of breaking and entering so I’m pretty certain that my husband or I accidentally left the vehicle unlocked.

I am typically vigilant about locking the doors, but every once in awhile my husband or I get distracted and simply forget. Unfortunately every time we’ve left the car unlocked thieves have taken advantage of our mistake.

Lucky for me the thieves had no interest in stealing my feminine hygiene products. Of course they didn’t, that’s why I store my emergency cash inside of a small travel package of panty liners.

They also didn’t take my external GPS system, which was wrapped up and stored in my glove box. I could have kicked myself when my old one was stolen from my vehicle a few years ago. I think navigation systems are so cheap these days that the thieves probably didn’t think mine was worth the hassle of stealing.

What they did take was my diaper bag/purse. Before my son was born I registered for a traditional diaper bag, but after two trips of lugging around that awful, heavy thing I opted for a very simple purse from Payless. I bought last May and have been using it exclusively ever since.

Before it was stolen I shoved my son’s toys, snacks, diapers and anything else he might need into that bag. It was pretty roomy and remarkably light. It had one zipper compartment so I usually tucked my wallet in there so my son won’t pull out my credit cards and throw them all over the place. Before I started using the pocket that was a regular occurrence.

I’m not exactly sure why my purse was in the car. I’ve never left it in there before. I know my son was tired when we returned home from the store and that I brought him inside so I could lay him down for a nap. I thought my husband carried everything else inside, but it seems he must have forgotten or simply not noticed it.

To my knowledge there wasn’t anything of value inside. Lucky for me, my wallet was in the house and there wasn’t any spare cash inside of the inner pocket.

As far as I know there was nothing in there other than a plastic bag containing three or four diapers and a pack of baby wipes. My son’s sun hat, which is unfortunately the only hat I can ever seem to keep on his head in the summer time, and a few containers of squeezable apple sauce.

I’ve been slightly worried that something else might have been stolen, but I double checked my wallet and it appears that all of my credit cards, gift cards and anything else I can think of are all safe and sound.

So then why did the thieves take it? My best guess is that they saw the purse and made a mad dash with it. They didn’t want to take the time to see what was inside of it, they just saw a purse and imagined they would find money somewhere within it.

When I took my son for a walk the next day I actually kept my eye out for it. I was kind of hoping the thieves would realize it was worthless and ditch the bag somewhere along the side of the road. I really liked that bag and I’m bummed about losing it. I’m also super bummed that they stole my son’s hat. It sounds silly but for some reason he left that alone. He takes all of the others off the minute they touch his head.

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