Thoughts as the Year Ends



  • This year I was inundated with heartfelt stories of pain and grief. The little boy who died after fighting cancer for six years, the teenager who went into cardiac arrest, a good friend who passed away of a horrendous disease, a mom who died just days after giving birth to her third child. Through it all I’ve felt an overwhelming desire to provide financial assistance and considered writing a large check to help offset the cost of hospital bills or burial services more times than I can count. I feel very lucky in life and would love to anonymously provide assistance to a family in need.
  • For some reason I feel particularly compelled to give away $1,000. I’m not sure why  that specific dollar amount keeps popping into my head, but I can’t seem to set the thought aside.
  • I plan to start another 29 day giveaway challenge. From time to time I feel drained by negative thoughts and know this is an easy way to release good energy into the universe.
  • I’ve dreamt about money a lot lately. The dreams vary in their content, sometimes I win cash, sometimes I’m asked to pay for something unexpected and once or twice I’ve dreamt of providing a large gift to a friend I haven’t seen in over twenty years.
  • I focused on the experiences of Christmas this year rather than the toys. I feel unbelievably blessed to have a child and love to experience the wonders of life alongside him. For many years I thought my husband and I would not bear children. I used to cry over the thought of not having a child of my own. I now cry because the love is more powerful than I ever could have imagined.
  • As a stay-at-home mom I have more time to take the long way home. I have to remind myself of that every so often.
  • I need to focus a few minutes on meditating each day. I forgot just how wonderful it makes me feel.
  • I also need to write more often. This old post made me smile all over again.

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