A Happy Medical Bill Update

I appealed my unexpectedly high out of town medical bill and received notification that a portion of my $875 bill will be covered after all. Since the facility is out of network I am responsible for 20% coinsurance on the total, which amounts to $175. I also owe the negotiated rate, ($165.59), for a $268 doctor’s bill.

Rather than paying $1148 I now appear to owe only $340.59. (I say appear to owe because the Explanation of Benefits have not been finalized yet.)

Readers of this blog may remember that I was contemplating the decision to drive twelve hours roundtrip to avoid paying out-of-network prices. I would have paid roughly $80 in gas plus a $30 copay to drive north, which means staying put only cost me $230.59 more and a whole lot less hassle and headaches.


Medical billing is so frustrating. I am happy to have this resolved.

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