Would You Share Your Financial Information With a Friend?

A lot of personal finance bloggers openly write about money. They place their pretty little pictures in the sidebars and include their real names. I am not one of them. Despite maintaining this blog for nine years and openly writing about many personal aspects of my life I’ve never revealed my identity. A few very … Read more

What Good is Money if You Have No One to Share it With?

This year I will be out of town for my alma mater’s first football game. I could have listed my tickets on eBay or craigslist, found the highest bidder and sold the tickets to them. I could have asked friends and family members if they wanted the tickets and then asked them to pay full … Read more

The Women in My Life

When my mom was growing up and honestly where I grew up, everyone got married young and had babies early. They are primarily the same race, they wanted the same things in life and they often grew up to be stay at home mothers. While I may end up doing the exact same thing and … Read more

Pressured to Spend

Do you have friends that spend much more than you do? Do they ask you to go out to fancy restaurants or travel to exotic locations? If so, do you find yourself caving in to their requests or do you find the gumption to say “thanks but no thanks.” Because I blog about personal finance … Read more

"I Can’t Stop Buying Lotto Tickets"

Last week a good friend of mine confessed a little spending secret over dinner. It seems she’s become obsessed with buying lotto tickets. When she leaves her office and heads out to lunch, she finds herself sneaking off to buy at least a ticket or two. The number she buys depends on the amount of … Read more

What Would You Do?

Let’s say you arrive late to a party at a restaurant. The party goers have been eating appetizers and drinking beer and cocktails. You arrive too late to eat any appetizers, but you could definitely order a drink or two if you were in the mood. You decide not to drink, because you drove into … Read more

Meeting An Old Friend for Dinner

This evening I drove into DC to meet my very first college roommate, who I met in the fall of my freshman year. In the real world we would never have been friends. She was a sorority socialite and I was… well… not, but the trials and tribulations of our first year of college brought … Read more

Wasting Time Diddling on the Internet

Somehow I’ve managed to waste the last hour diddling around on the Internet. It all started innocently enough when I came across a photograph that reminded me of my good friend Jenevieve from high school. After a few clicks on the grand ‘ole Internet I came across a series of blogs written by Jenevieve’s husband. … Read more

Happy Thoughts for this 4th of July

I’m trying to count my blessings more often and this week was full of them. On Sunday my hubby and I took my grandmother out to lunch. We then drove her to Tweeter, helped her pick out a TV stand, lugged it home, and put it together for her. Many people never get to know … Read more

Our Money Sailed Away

Being the good person that he is, my husband recently arranged the night’s festivities for a good friend’s bachelor party. The plan involved six groomsmen boarding a boat and sailing around Annapolis for a few hours. The boat books quickly, so my husband purchased tickets a few nights in advance. He charged the entire bill, … Read more