My Experience with a Tiny Notepad

In January I decided to keep track of my expenses by carrying a tiny notepad around wherever I travel. Although I rarely go to the ATM I don’t like the idea of cash flowing in and out of my wallet. My husband keeps track of all of our credit card transactions in a handy-dandy spreadsheet, … Read more

You know you’re frugal when…

I have done a lot of frugal things in my day, but today made me realize just how frugal I am. I was filling my car up with gas when I dropped a nickel out of my hand. The nickel rolled behind my leg and underneath the car. I stooped down and reached around but … Read more

Frugal Tips to throwing a Baby Shower…

My husband pointed out that I haven’t updated my blog in quite a long, long time. (May 8th to be exact.) That’s because I started back to work on May 2nd and have actually been spending time as a productive member of society again. I’ve also been spending my non-working hours making things for an … Read more

Saving grocery money by buying gift cards?

So I’ve been reading a lot of articles lately that talk about ways to save money. I have read over and over again that I should create a budget for myself then create envelopes for each category of spending such as groceries, clothing, gasoline, etc. Financial experts recommend depositing budgeted money into these envelopes. That … Read more

An attempt to save pennies cost me $3.25

This is one of those penny pinching moments when I wish I wasn’t such a cheapskate. I went to the grocery store near my house to load up on frozen chicken breasts. I like the thinly sliced ones. I know they cost more, but it saves me from having to pound out the chicken before … Read more

Easy Frugal Tips — Not quite a tightwad

So I’ve been flipping through the pages of the Tightwad Gazette in the hopes of finding easy ways to save a little extra money each month. I have been known to do some pretty frugal things in my day. When I first got out of college I was often broke. (Not because I blew all … Read more