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Frugal to a Fault

Most of the time I’m happy with my frugality. I don’t mind clipping coupons, waiting for sales or even going without. I like watching the figures in my bank account rise while simultaneously watching my mortgages shrink. I’m the kind of girl who brings a $10 coupon to brunch with my girlfriends and then asks, …

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A Pink Car Seat for My Son?

Baby A’s car seat will support him until he reaches 22 pounds, but he’s growing like a weed and is currently in the 90th percentile for height and the 85 percentile for weight. Needless to say he’ll outgrow his original car seat much faster than your average baby. Rather than waiting for him to outgrow …

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Frugal Tip #2: Do Not Waste Food

If you cook at home fairly frequently you’ll find that isn’t too difficult to cook extra and learn to love leftovers. In fact, before long you’ll find yourself saving money and feeling much less stressed at dinnertime. While tip #1 helps you avoid fast food and restaurant bills, tip #2 ensures that you actually eat …

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