Are You Willing to Spend More for Clean Energy?

A few weeks ago I received our rate renewal form from our electric supply company. I read over the documentation and noticed that there were two options available. Here are the original rates in the renewal notice I received: .0929 per kWH for 5% wind .097 per kWH for 50% wind As you can see if I want to … Read more

A Little Bit of This a Little Bit of That

This is one of those random hodge-podge posts. You know the kind where you start writing about one thing and quickly find yourself thinking about another, so rather than breaking them up you toss them all into the same post and call it a day. — It seems 2013 has continued right where 2012 left … Read more

Preparing for Hurricane Sandy

Are you ready for hurricane Sandy? I spent the day preparing as best as I could. Here are  just a few things I did to prepare for the storm. I gathered up all of the flashlights and headlamps I could find in the house. I laid them out on the dining room table along with … Read more

Dividing Up the House: Making Space for Ourselves

When I was younger I noticed that my parents rarely lived in the same areas of the house. My dad tended to spend his nights working over the kitchen table and my mom often moved into the bedroom to read or watch television. My husband and I moved into our house just over ten years … Read more

Reflecting On Our Choices

Last week I refinanced my house for what I hope to be the very last time. As I signed and dated the last page of our paperwork I couldn’t help by think about this house and all of the time we’ve spent in it. My husband and I purchased this home before we were husband … Read more

How Could I Forget?

How could I forget that my husband and I cannot shop for furniture without arguing with one another? I have written about our disagreements and debacles quite a few times before. There was the infamous coffee table that was recently shipped off to good will and before that arguments over bed frames and china cabinets. It … Read more

$4,700 to Rid Our House of that Awful Sewage Smell

A few weeks ago I wrote about the ever-so-pleasant stench of raw sewage that seemed to be invading our home. After spending nearly $1,000 on repairs and hoping the problem would go away I’m afraid to say that it did not. This time the plumbers showed up with a giant ladder and a smoke producing … Read more

A Little Splurge Here a Big Splurge There

This past week my husband and I hired a painter to repair and paint the ceiling in a couple rooms of our home. The original estimate, (roughly $800), included just a couple of rooms. If you’ve ever had a house painted before you know that the minute you paint one room all of the other … Read more

The Transition to Staying at Home

I would absolutely love to hear from any of my readers who temporarily or permanently left their careers behind to stay home with a child. While I am thrilled beyond belief to stay home with our little one this fall I can’t remember a time in my life when I did not have a job. … Read more

The Big Purchase of 2010

After years and years of talking about remodeling my husband and I have finally decided to replace all of the windows in our home. Our current windows are downright awful. Some of them require keys to open, some fall down as soon as you prop them up, some screech like crazy when you try to … Read more