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Dear Reader, How Can I Help?

Dear Reader, How Can I Help?

Dear Reader,

I’ve been thinking about you. What brought you here? What were you searching for when you stumbled upon this site, and what are you hoping to find?

Are you looking for posts about minimalismfinancial independence, or voluntary simplicity? Are you trying to decide if you should become a stay-at-home parent or walk away from your high-paying job? Maybe you came here because you want to stop buying stuff or want to live simply with less.

Perhaps, you want to explore your relationship with money. Do you want to dig into your limiting beliefs and money blocks or explore the best ways to live a good life regardless of how much you’ve saved? Do you want to find ways to spend money without feeling guilty about it or focus on the joy of saving?

About Me

If you are new here, let me introduce myself. My name is Julie though I go by many nicknames, including Jewels, Ju-Ju-Bee, and Jewelsule.

I started this blog because I love to write. Without a pen or keyboard, my ideas get stuck inside my head. They churn around in circles with nowhere to go, and if I don’t write for a while, I begin to feel edgy and uncomfortable.

This blog is the story of my life and my relationship with money. I started writing as a twenty-seven-year-old newlywed in search of higher incomes and an upward trending net worth. Sixteen years later, I write as a stay-at-home mom and multi-millionaire who is no longer anxious, fearful, or emotionally attached to money.

The Result of My Journey

A fellow blogger once told me my blog felt very heavy and serious. She’s not wrong. Life is messy, and I don’t candy-coat my stories to make them easier to swallow.

You won’t find a pollyanna version of life here. I started this blog while facing chronic pain and illness. It was a dark time in my life, but sometimes darkness helps us see the light. Sometimes it takes difficulty and heartbreak to appreciate what we have rather than dwell on what we don’t.

At the beginning of my journey, I misunderstood the race for financial independence. I thought money was the prize for my hard work and determination. I was wrong. The real prize is time freedom and joy. I spend just as much time writing about money as I do about happiness.

Blogging helped make me a millionaire, but life is about so much more than money. Unfortunately, I had to build my wealth before I could recognize that truth.

Dear Reader, Why Are You Here?

If you’ve stumbled across my blog, I’d love to know how you got here.

Dear Reader, what are you searching for, and how can I help? Do you have a specific question I can address? Is there something you’d like me to write about more often? Please tell me in the comments below or send me an email. I’ve learned so much on my journey to financial independence and I’d love to help!

Sherrie Nicholson

Thursday 24th of February 2022

First thanks for your blog! Your efforts are greatly appreciated! Since 2022 began I feel like all of bills have gone up: utilities, food, gasoline are the most significant. Helpful suggestions comparing inflation would be greatly appreciated.

One Frugal Girl

Monday 11th of April 2022

@Sherrie Nicholson, Thank you for the topic suggestion. I will try to write a post about this soon.


Thursday 3rd of February 2022

Hi Jewels!

I found your job because of your post about quitting your high paying job and becoming a SAHM. It's something I'm working towards and I'd love to hear more about how amazing and challenging life is staying home with the kids and having the time and energy to really BE with your loved ones.

God bless you and more power to your blog!

One Frugal Girl

Tuesday 22nd of February 2022

Hi Shirley, Thank you for your comment. I will write more about this topic!


Monday 17th of January 2022

I found your blog from the MMM app, and I am glad I did. In some sense, you a step ahead (fire, minimalism, SAHM), but I appreciate your writing style to reveal the journey you’ve been on. It feels like having a cup of tea with a dear friend. We live in a smaller house (1600 sq ft) with 3 young kids (6, 4, 2), so I appreciate more on minimalism. It seems we always have too much stuff for our space, but there is such an emotional element in reducing. I also would love to be SAHM but currently am the sole income provider. We are working to change that but seems impossible some days. I desire time freedom more than anything. And lately my job has made me more anxious.

One Frugal Girl

Monday 17th of January 2022

Thank you for your kind words. Perhaps I should set up a Zoom call to meet my readers for a cup of tea. How fun would that be! The emotional side of minimalism has been a decade-long journey for me. When I struggle to get rid of something I usually set it aside for awhile. Sometimes the passage of time makes it easier to give away. I put items in a box, seal them up, and stow them away. If I haven’t used it for a while or yearned to see it, I probably don’t need it. I still struggle to let go of my children’s toys. But even that has gotten easier with time and patience.

I’m sorry that your job is making you anxious. Can you find a few minutes a day to relax and settle your mind? Do you have a boss you can talk with openly about your situation? I struggled through chronic pain and illness on the job. Some of my managers were understanding when I approached them. Others were downright awful. Over time I learned when I could speak up and when I had to remain quiet despite my pain. If you need to vent, leave comments here or email me.

I do wish you the best in your journey. Thank you for following along with me!


Wednesday 12th of January 2022

Just here to learn and grow! I’m new here so I hope to learn something new! Thanks for sharing your experience!!

One Frugal Girl

Friday 14th of January 2022

Hi Brandi, Welcome. Thank you for reading and saying hello!


Tuesday 11th of January 2022

Hi Julie,

I throughly enjoy your write and I’m glad it’s straight to the point not a sugar coated, Pollyanna version. I found your blog will looking at a list of top FIRE blogs and I agree with that.

I’d like to read more of your writing on financial independence and minimalism, as well as how you are helping with your parents business. I think this is very relevant for a lot of people or will be in the short future as more and more people need to start helping their parents.

I also like you stealth wealth writing. Society doesn’t seem to look very nicely on young people who no longer need to work a paid job in order to support their lifestyle.

You have done a great job of writing until now, so please just continue with what comes to mind. You always have interesting information and a different perspective.

Thanks for your blog and I look forward to continue reading whatever you write about.

One Frugal Girl

Friday 14th of January 2022

Hi TS, Thank you for this beautiful comment! I can certainly write more about financial independence and minimalism. Those are two of my favorite topics. Do you want to see anything in particular? Do you have any specific questions about helping elderly parents? I can write a lot more about this topic as well.