Blogging Recap 2021: Highlights From This Year!

The year is coming to a close, which means it’s time for my annual blogging recap!

Last week I wrote a year-end reflection for 2021, which focused on life changes and circumstances. This post will highlight my blogging journey as it rolled into its sixteenth year!

Blogging Recap

I started summarizing my blog content in 2019 after AngelaRevanche, and FinCon 2019 rebooted my excitement for writing. In 2020, I decided to make it a tradition.

In 2021, I wrote forty-three posts focusing on minimalismfinancial independence, and exploring money mindsets. I also wrote an article for Simplify Magazine, a true honor.

Highlights from 2021

J.D. listed One Frugal Girl as one of his top ten favorite blogs of the year! He wrote, “One Frugal Girl was perhaps my favorite money blog of the past year!”

Excuse me, hold the phone, wait, what? I’ve admired J.D.’s work on Get Rich Slowly and More Than Money for over a decade, and I can’t tell you how much those words mean to me.

Curation Sites and Link Backs

Posts from One Frugal Girl showed up on numerous curation sites this year and many other blogs I admire. Thank you to anyone and everyone who shared my content!

Here are the ones I can remember. Please let me know if you linked to one of my posts and don’t see your name in the list below.

Twitter Love

Thanks to those who consistently share my posts on Twitter too!

And for A Purple Life for prodding me to live my best life. Whether that means blogging, relaxing, or whatever I said I would do.

Joining a Mastermind Group

In 2021 I signed up for two mastermind groups to talk about blogging. It’s been fun to join an online community where I can share ideas and learn from fellow bloggers.

Along the way, I met 

I also reconnected with Mr. Jamie Griffin, who I met at Fincon 2019.

Posts in Chronological Order

All in all, it’s been a great year for blogging, and most importantly, I’m proud of the content I produced. Without further ado, here are my posts in chronological order:

  1. How Long Should I Keep Medical Records?
  2. Invest in Yourself With These Steps to Self Improvement
  3. Frugal Homeschooling: Easy Ways to Save
  4. How to Get Motivated to Clean and Declutter
  5. Be True to Yourself: Learn to Appreciate The Real You
  6. Stealth Wealth: The Secret Lives of Millionaires
  7. An Instruction Manual for Generational Wealth
  8. Financial Compatibility: Balancing Money And Love
  9. How Do You Define Success?
  10. Living Below Your Means: The First Step to Wealth
  11. Letting Go of Childhood Toys and Memorabilia
  12. Signs You Bought The Wrong House
  13. How to Believe In Yourself
  14. Buying a House In Your 20s: Is it a Good Idea?
  15. I Want to Be a Stay-At-Home Mom: Should I Quit My Job?
  16. Making a Cash Offer on a House Without Contingencies
  17. Living Stingy: The Dark Side of Saving Too Much
  18. Remove Money Blocks to Achieve Your Financial Goals
  19. Be Intentional and Live Life With Fewer Regrets
  20. A Letter to My Future Self: Will I Be Happy?
  21. Buying a House in 2021
  22. Appreciation for All That We Own
  23. Time Freedom: Choosing How to Spend Your Time
  24. Negotiating Closing Costs: The Easiest Ways to Save
  25. The Unexpected Costs of Buying and Selling a Home
  26. Managing and Protecting My Elderly Parents’ Finances
  27. How to Make the Most of Your Time and Money
  28. What Do I Need?
  29. Financial Inequality and Money Imbalance in Relationships
  30. What is a Beater Car? Should You Buy One?
  31. Saving Money in a Jar: Ideas and Challenges to Save
  32. What is Fun Money and How Much Do We Need?
  33. Stay At Home Mom Jobs: Scams, Lies, and MLMs
  34. Did Limiting Beliefs About Money Make Me a Millionaire?
  35. How to Spend Money on Yourself Without Feeling Guilty
  36. Frugal Paragon: A Model for Joyful Saving
  37. Do You Have Too Much Stuff and Not Enough Space?
  38. Choose to Be Grateful
  39. New Month, New Goals: Building on Incremental Success
  40. 45 Minimalist Christmas Gifts (All Clutter-Free)
  41. Year End Reflection: 2021
  42. Do You Have a Fear of Being Ordinary?
  43. Appreciate What You Have While You Have It

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who shared my posts, left comments, or emailed me this year. I look forward to writing more in 2022 and hearing your feedback. Also, please let me know if there are any new topics you’d like me to write about in the upcoming year.

14 thoughts on “Blogging Recap 2021: Highlights From This Year!”

  1. I read from a few of JD’s recommended bloggers, and your posts really resonated with me. I love your style of writing and just want to encourage you to keep it up. You have a true gift and I enjoy each post you write. I especially appreciated the post on helping elderly parents with their finances. It opened my eyes to some of the ways I may need and will want to help my parents in the future. All the best,

    • Thank you for leaving such a lovely comment and for letting me know you enjoy reading my words! I’m happy to chat about my experience with helping my elderly parents. If you have any questions please reach out via email onefrugalgirl @ gmail DOT com.

  2. Way late to comment but I thought I would also offer AmblesideOnline’s free curriculum all the way to 12th grade. It’s based on Charlotte Mason methodology and you would need to buy books (or rent from library), but structure is all there and has a thriving FB and online forum community too. My oldest will be in 1st grade next year and I plan to homeschool <3

    • I loved homeschooling my boys, but we returned them to school this year. Thanks for the curriculum suggestion. There are so many great options for teaching kids at home these days. I bet you’ll love teaching your child too.


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